They All Had Something in Common.

An Addiction to Violent Video Gaming.

Do you know what your child is doing on their computer?

7 days a week 5 hours per day, talking "and gaming" with people they don't even know?
Enter their World

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Violent Video Games - Impressionable Young Minds - A Recipe for Disastor

1.This Site was created after the tragic Newtown Shootings to address the fact that violent video gaming played a major part in the mind of shooter Adam and other young killers.
2. We cover many misconceptions about guns and what is a knee jerk reaction to blame guns.

3. We discuss the troubled life of Adam Lanza, poor parenting, and walk into his world.
4. We also take a look at violent video game research on the mind and emotions.
5. We look at the history of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms and why it is important and critical for the security of our nation.


Who needs babysitters when you have Eric Holder and
     Janet Reno's Social Services checking in on Your Kids?
Elian Gonzalez debacle, Florida, 1970.
Trust your government? Visit Page 4

Watch this Video:

There is nothing more ignorant than history repeating itself and the blame going to the wrong source.

Michael Carneal, was a 14 year old troubled teen. He mastered playing violent video games and was considered to be a top level competitor.  On December 1, 1987 he entered Heath High School, W. Paducak, Kentucky, opened fire with a gun killing three students and wounding five others. Although having only fired a real gun once, police described his shots as 100 percent accurate.

"Nehemiah was excited when he told police of his violent video game skills"
Sunday, January 20, 2013 - What was the trigger for this most recent case?
Nehemiah Griego, a 15 year old troubled boy who killed 5 family members Sunday January 20, 2013. reportedly gushed to police about his love for violent video games during the interrogation, Houston said. He told police he loved to play Modern Warfare and Grand Theft Auto. "The suspect was involved heavily in games, violent games, it's what he was into," Houston said. "He was quite excited as he discussed this with our investigators."
New Albuquerque Authorities Discuss Nehemiah Griego

Jame Holmes - Aurora, Colorado July 2012. The theatre shooting. Killed 12 people.

The classmate told the Daily Mail: 'James was obsessed with computer games and was always playing role-playing games. "I can’t remember which one but it was something like World of Warcraft, one of those where you compete against people on the internet.
For a look at Holmes background click on: HOLMES Aurora Shooter

Jared Loughner shoots Rep. Gabriella Gifford...why?
Today some more former classmates of the killer say that he was a "big game player." One classmate claims he spentmost of his time playing video games and listening to heavy metal music like "Drowning Pool." While these latest media reports take hearsay and vague recollections of past classmates as unassailable truth, I point you back to just a few hours after Saturday's tragedy when the media began speculating on what would drive this man to try to kill a crowd of people in cold blood with a handgun. No one really knows why Loughner did what he did, beyond the fact that he is probably insane. Below is an excerpt from a on Loughner: "Mr. Loughner was a scrawny, average teenager with a mop of curly hair. He played saxophone at football games and jammed with a friend's garage band.
In his freshman and sophomore years at Mountain View High School, Mr. Loughner flew under the radar.

'All he did was play video games and play music,' said Tommy Marriotti, a high school friend. Mr. Marriotti said much of Mr. Loughner's free time was devoted to the school band. He wasn't especially political, Mr. Marriotti said, though he expressed frustration with the Bush Administration."

Was Adam Lanza trying to compete with Norway's
Anders Behring Breivik? Killed 77 People, many of them children.
Played Call of Duty 16 hours a day.

Click on Image for CBS Investigation

Blood on the Hands from the Newtown Sandy Hook Killings

  Nancy Lanza          Richard Novia        Peter Lanza         Newtown

                                                                                School District 

1. Nancy Lanza - A women who definitely never should have purchased a cache of guns and weapons for her or her mentally troubled son, yet alone leave them unlocked, take her son Adam target shooting, brag about her "prepper" lifestyle. . Who was watching her? Richard Novia, former Newtown School District Security Chief and close friend,  ex husband Peter Lanza, neighbors, relatives, friends. Everyone never gave a thought there may be something wrong?

2. Richard Novia - An interesting figure in this case. A professional investigator, trained in many skills, licensed, and former Security Director of Newtown School District. A close friend of Nancy Lanza for years. A "mentor" for Adam,
and co manager of the Tech Club Adam was a member of.  Frequently saw Adam. He never could "forsee anything like this?". They will probably have to rewrite the manual for Security Director to include a chapter "Common Sense."We have not seen this question asked. Were Richard Novia and Peggy Lanza more than friends? There is only one survivor who knows.

3. Peter Lanza - Father of Adam and ex husband of Nancy Lanza. Quite a party , apparently too busy making money on Wall Street to win the father of the year award.

4. Newtown School Disctrict - Of all the school district psychologists that worked with Adam, no one saw a danger? No professional saw the need to alert authorities?



Ask these 2 Questions:

If Adam Lanza armed himself with an axe, his spear, one of his many samurai swords or knives, then slashed and hacked his way through Sandy Hook school...who would people blame?

If Adam Lanza's mother was not killed, but was alive today, who would people blame? The mother or guns?

              What was the favorite video for the two killers at Colombine
                                      15 Years Ago? See Below - In 2007,
                         " the American Medical Association Considered
             Adding Video Game Addiction to its Lists of Mental Illnesses..."

For Full Article Click: http://education-curriculum-reform-government-schools.

     Two New Violent Videos Debut in the Wake of the 
     Newtown Disaste

         Just Out. First Shooter "BIO"    and    School Campus Shooter.           
       Theses games just debuted as high end quality graphics and interaction.
     The one on the left "Bio" took $100 million to build. The one on the right,
            was the brainchild of a Canadian, the action takes place in a school.           
                                        Have a on the images.


  April 2, 2013 - 23rd Annual
Game Developer Conference

  How Big is the Video gaming Industry? - Growing by quantum leaps.
  have a look at April 2, 2013 , the 23rd Annual Game Developer 
  Conference, San Francisco, CA. Twenty six not
  visitors....Game Vendors! Battlefield Debuted...Click on Links below.


        Basic Agenda:
          Still shots from the  Event:

           "Battlefied 4" Debuted at the GDC San Francisco, acclaimed
for its very realistic graphics and audio. Expected to gross close to one billion the first 24 hours. What Hollywood movie ever did that?
Who will be the next Lanza, Holmes, Loughner, Corneal? Click on Image

   Conclusive Evidence VioIent Video Gaming Results in Violent Acts
 this Video, experts view the mind in real time
 with FMRI imaging during violent video gaming-Opinons
 from Harvard Medical School, M.I.T.,York University, and Michigan State  
Click on Video Screen to Watch

  A pro and con look                                      Brain Reactions                                         "Parents would have to be insane...

Click on Image - Report from Parent              Study showing brain imaging changes
Television Council                                         between two groups

    One Countries Big Mistake
Australias Gun Confiscation Boomerangs
 as they warn America


Sign this Town Hall Petition - So far 800.000 - Click Image "Sign Petitions"
(4 different to sign).

Urgent 2nd Vote Grassfire Petition: Urge your family and friends to take immediateaction
by going here now to sign Grassfire's "I Support the Second Amendment" petition:


Fax Numbers of Critical Senators

The Primary Motive of the Founding Fathers on the 2nd Amendment was to insure no invaders, tyrants, renegade groups, coups or insurrections would ever be attempted to exert tyrannical or unauthorized  control over the United States of America, from within or from outside. Along with the First Amendment freedom of speech, press, assembly, and religion, the Founders knew these freedoms expressed in the First Amendment had no strength in an unarmed citizenry and that an armed populace was needed to oppose any attempt to
attack the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and peoples freedom.

For more details of our struggle against oppression visit:

In 1770, it was illegal for colonists to own guns. Upset over excessive taxation, an angry unarmed group of citizens confronted some British soldiers. They were fired upon leaving 5 dead. This was the Boston Massacre that sparked our independence. And this incident was the thought foundation with our Founding Fathers while constructing the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Times Have Changed?
Our Country is nearly 250 years old. It has done quite well with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Politicians like Senator Diane Feinstein are trying to use scare tactics by saying,  "times have changed". What an ignorant statement. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution are constructed to be able to change with times. Most people would believe the founding fathers had a little more wisdom than Diane Feinstein. And does she think in 15 years it will not change?
The guns available today have not changed much in the past one hundred years. Indeed, many of the guns and weapons available to the public of years past, cannot be legally acquired now. Other Constitutional guaranteed rights have changed dramatically, especially with the Internet.  In a short time there will be a page up about Senator Feinstein's business relations with Chinese Military Industrialists. If anything, the biggest changes in our government have been the ethics of politicians.


          Are our politicians turning a blind eye to reality?

One unfortunate incident in Newtown, Connecticut has riled half our nation and politicians to suppress the 2nd Amendment. They are quickly seizing this tragic event as a window of opportunity to neutralize our 2nd Amendment rights. On this page you will find petitions to sign, emails to your political representatives, a blog info exchange and more. You will find information you can use to debate and debunk any argument you are confronted with regarding the right to Keep and Bear Arms. Let's share information, make history, and protect America.

Diane Feinstein partners with the Red Chinese

Vice President Joe Biden offers his advice: 


A History of US Government Actions Against the People and Why to Stayed Armed.

What Really Comes Down to
"Do You Trust Your Government?"
The  opportunity they waited for, the general populace is  completely confused of our history of gun laws, what is an automatic gun, a semi automatic gun, a machine gun, a clip, a suppressor, a silencer, a "cop killer bullet", etc. The media and politicians are using this opportunity of confusion to mold their platform.
The question we must all ask ourselves is how trustworthy
 are the people in running our country


1. Kent State, Ohio 1978. 4 students killed by National Guardsmen during a peaceful anti war protest. No arrests made.Visit:

Treason Discovered in Declassified Tapes

Now, for the first time, the whole story can be told. It begins in the summer of 1968. Nixon feared a breakthrough at the Paris Peace talks designed to find a negotiated settlement to the Vietnam war, and he knew this would derail his campaign.He therefore set up a clandestine back-channel involving Anna Chennault, a senior campaign adviser.
Chennault was dispatched to the South Vietnamese embassy with a clear message: the South Vietnamese government should withdraw from the talks, refuse to deal with Johnson, and if Nixon was elected, they would get a much better deal.So on the eve of his planned announcement of a halt to the bombing, Johnson learned the South Vietnamese were pulling out.
By the time of the election in November 1968, LBJ had evidence Nixon had sabotaged the Vietnam war peace talks - or, as he put it, that Nixon was guilty of treason and had "blood on his hands".
Once in office he escalated the war into Laos and Cambodia, with the loss of an additional 22,000 American lives, before finally settling for a peace agreement in 1973 that was within grasp in 1968.The White House tapes, combined with Wheeler's interviews with key White House personnel, provide an  unprecedented insight into how Johnson handled a series of crises that rocked his presidency.
Full Storyon Page 4 - Government Trust

2. Ruby Ridge - Click for report
3. WACO TEXAS- The FBI reversed in September a six-year-old position that it never used munitions capable of sparking the blaze that ended a standoff with the Branch Davidian sect near Waco, Tex., and leaving 76 people dead, 21 children and 2 pregnant members. The press was kept
300 yards away. The tear gas used at first was declared to be non lethal. That later changed in testimony. For a bit of American history click the images below.

WACO-"This can't be America":

. Janet Reno, Eric Holder and Elian Gonzalez

5. Weapons of Mass Destruction Iraq

6. Eric Holder, Obama and "Fast and Furious
, lies, lies,lies


7. "A VIDEO caused the attack on Benghazi" - What really went down in Benghazi?    
     Something American people could not handle, according to insiders.  



        Cooper gets a lesson in journalism -
                          eats his words.

8. "Al Qaeda is decimated and the scattered are on the run" - 4 views you decide -Click on Images

                                                                                                                      Al Qaeda's new Home in Mali
   Al-Qaeda Leader Releases New Message Urging                   Al Qaeda Stronger and spreading 2013                                                   
     Muslims in ‘Arab Spring’ Nations to Form a                          
                             Caliphate - April 8, 2013                                      

9. In 2003 the National Academy of Sciences did a review on the FBI's ballistic identification process they had been using for 30 years. The findings showed the process was seriously flawed, resulting in the FBI having to go back and reopen all their shooting files for three decades.

10. The US Military - Rapes and beatings in the US military. A reported one in three young girls between the age of 18 and 23 who enlist in the  US military are raped, some beaten, with little or no recourse. Estimates are closer to 50%. Lawsuits mount. Click on images: Rape in the US Military is completely rampant...most go unreported.. And more men are raped than women! Reprisals from reporting can ruin a career. The victims are punished. The perpetrators, usually of a superior rank, go clean free, and the military takes the perpetrators side, sometimes discharging the "troublemaker" victim, or making life hard on them. Our government's highest sector that is supposed to protect, defend, be trusted and fight.
Ask if they trust the U.S. Military.


  For full story:Click here ________                                  2nd Sex Assault in 2 weeks by investigating Sargent!                                                                                                          Click no Image  for Video

11. Wounded Knee Massacre South Dakota 1890. The first official federal confiscation of guns ended with nearly 300 native Americans, men. women and children dead. "We gave them our guns and then the firing started." Surrounded by hotchkiss guns (similar to a gattling gun), the tribe was completely decimated.

  From this incident 20 soldiers were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, Cavalry soldiers bury the Lakota Sioux, men, women and children in a mass grave.

on Page 4

Who needs guns for thrills?

             KILLS  38 SCHOOL CHILDREN
KEHOE , a school caretaker, used explosives that ripped through  Bath School while fully attended. The Toll? 38  school children dead. 7 adults, and many more injured and scarred for life. One family lost three children that day. This was the Bath School Disaster

                Seven of the 38 Victims and Many More Scared for Life


RICHARD CRAFTS- NEWTOWN CONN 1986 – A Pan Am commercial pilot, and part time police officer with an extensive gun collection, gruesomely bludgeoned to death his Danish wife, dismembered her with a chainsaw and disposed of the body in a wood chipper (The Wood Chipper Case)  CHARLES MANSON – CA (cult leader whose “family” stabbed and killed three Hollywood figures, including 7 month pregnant Sharon Tate).Continued on page 5

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