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Questions begin to surface in responsible news channels

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othNewtown School District employed their own security Director Richard Novia. Novia was a close friend of Adam Lanza's mother Peggy and also was close to Adam, almost "daily". Novia also was the computer club director that Adam belonged to. Shockingly, Novia makes no alluding that perhaps he may be part responsible.

Richard Novia, the school districts own head of security and safety for 20 years, knew and befriended Nancy Lanza and her son Adam …how well we have yet to discover. Novia was also the MENTOR and DIRETOR of the small tech club Adam was in and had much contact, ALMOST DAILY CONTACT with him.

Richard Novia, an interesting figure in the Sandy Hook tragedy, was the school district’s own “Security Director.”  Novia now operates his own protection and investigative firm.  For 20 years. His job was to insure the safety of students and staff, interacting as much as possible. A trained criminologist with the training and credentials to recognize problems, this one seemed to slip from right under his nose. As close acquaintances with Adam and Peggy Lanza, one has to raise the question…”Why?” Novia also knew Adam’s father quite well.. In Novia's own words. “ Lanza clearly "had some disabilities." (Uh...anyone home?)

"If that boy would've burned himself, he would not have known it or felt it physically," Novia told The Associated Press in a phone interview. "It was my job to pay close attention to that."Novia was responsible for monitoring students as they used soldering tools and other potentially dangerous electrical equipment.

He recalled meeting with school guidance counselors, administrators and with the boy's mother, Nancy Lanza, to understand his problems and find ways to ensure his safety. But there were other crises only a mother could solve."He would have an episode, and she'd have to return or come to the high school and deal with it," Novia said, describing how the young man would sometimes withdraw completely "from whatever he was supposed to be doing," whether it was sitting in class or reading a book.

Adam Lanza "could take flight, which I think was the big issue, and it wasn't a rebellious or defiant thing," Novia said. "It was withdrawal
Novia said.The club provided a setting for students to build lasting friendships. But while other members were acquainted with Adam, none was close to him."Have you found his best friend? Have you found a friend?" Novia asked. "You're not going to. He was a loner.""The behavior would be more like an 8-year-old who refuses to give up his teddy bear," Novia said. "What you knew with Adam is it was a possession. It was not a possession to be put at risk."Even so, Novia said, his primary concern was that Adam might become a target for abuse by his fellow students, not that he might become a threat."Somewhere along in the last four years, there were significant changes that led to what has happened,"

Conspiracy and Many Unanswered Questions, Coincidences

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I am very sorry, for the parents, children, relatives and those people close to the victims of Sandy Hook. The world mourns and feels your grief. I am also sorry, that friends, relatives, workers and neighbors of Adam Lanza’s mother did not see something wrong with her or her son, and report it to some authority.  I am sorry that Mrs. Lanza used to boast about being a prepper, that the end of the world was near, and she had a sizeable gun collection, that she liked to talk about and show off. I am sorry she used to take young Adam target shooting or even near the guns. I am sorry that she did not bother to buy a $49 trigger lock for her guns. I am sorry for the school district, their psychiatrists and counselors that did not recognize a potential threat in Adam or take measures to provide more counseling and oversight. I am sorry that the professional trained school districts security director Richard Novia, did not recognize a potential time bomb in Adam…despite befriending Mrs. Lanza and working almost daily with Adam as the director of Adam’s computer club. I am sorry that Adam spent hours playing some of the most violent video games, some of which even young kids have complained about  I am sorry for those people who do not study the situation and are so quick to blame an object that cannot talk, or defend itself


THE REAL SMOKING GUN. Don't go go postal on guns. Just Google: PLAYSTATION KILLING TEACHER or X-BOX KILLING STUDENTS or X-BOX KILLING PRESIDENT. Fun games that don't need a license to own. Go watch what your son or daughter are video gaming . If they have names like: Resident Evil 4. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. God of War/ pull the plug. Save some lives."

Adam Lanza was an addict to violent video games, spending as much as 6 hours per day alone in his basement gaming. Some of his favorite games included Call of Duty. For  a peek inside Adam Lanza Worldcheck page 3 for Adam Lanza's World Page 3. Links to review video content are there. Caution extreme violence and vulgar language.


Newtown Young friend of Adam talks about Adam
Violent 'Call of Duty' Video Game a Favorite
in Adam Lanza's Dark Basement

By Michael Mullins

Alone in a windowless basement, Adam Lanza, 20, spent hours each day playing violent video games while surrounded by dozens of military and weapon posters, before claiming infamy last week as the mass murder who fatally shot 20 elementary school students and seven adults in Newtown, Conn.

According to a person close to the family, Lanza would spend most of his time in the basement of his mother's spacious $1.6 million home in Newtown, engrossed in video games, in particular "Call of Duty," a war-game in which users role-play in various military conflicts from the present to World War II using machine guns, high-powered assault rifles and other weapons to slay their enemies.

In a newspaper of Britain, plumber Peter Wlasuk, who had previously worked in the house, recalled how "strange" the situation appeared to him.

"It was a beautiful house, but he lived in the basement. I always thought that was strange . . . They had one poster of every piece of military equipment the U.S. ever made . . . The kids could tell you about guns they had never seen from the 40s, 50s, and 60s . . . The kids who play these games know all about them. I'm not blaming the games for what happened. But they see a picture of a historical gun and say 'I've used that on Call Of Duty'," said Wlasuk.
After Lanza's older brother Ryan moved out of the house, "Adam then moved down there," said Wlasuk.
A former friend of Lanza's at Newtown High School, Alan Diaz, 20,
told Fox News that the Lanza he knew was socially ill at ease, but not a monster. "He was a wicked smart kid . . . When I first met him, he wouldn't even look at you when you tried to talk to him. Over the year I knew him, he became used to me and my other friends, he eventually could have full conversations with us," recalled Diaz. "A big part of me wishes I never dropped contact with him after he left high school, felt like I could have done something," added Diaz. In addition to having unspecified mental and emotional problems, Lanza also suffered from Asperger’s syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism not normally associated with violence.


Nancy Lanza portrayed as 'survivalist' who stockpiled food, water and guns-  Boasted of her views and her collection of guns that included handguns, an assault rifle and two hunting rifles – all accessible  stored without trigger locks. A trigger lock costs about $50. She often took Adam target shooting. Son Adam was reclusive, spending most of his time in adjoining bedrooms in their house, addicted to violent video games.- Friend: Mrs Lanza 'would get very upset that he wouldn’t let her hug him' - Moved to Sandy Hook in around 1998 but Mrs Lanza and husband divorced -Nancy Lanza would not allow anyone in her home and would walk around the side of her house to meet anyone at the front door. Despite having to pull her son out of public school as a sophomore, Peggy often left Adam alone who spent the day in their basement playing video games. Adam was consistently having problems in school, and was assigned his own psychologist.
How the Tobacco and Firearms ever approved Nancy Lanza's gun licenses remains to be seen.

More to Come...

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